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Rules & Specifications


1. You can only request services that are available on specific openings (e.g. Live2D Model Opening, Stream Layout Opening, etc.). You will have to apply again on another opening for a different commission as a Returnee customer. This is to hasten the process of turnovers for each client and will therefore make openings more frequent.

2. Returnees and new clients have different application slots each opening.

3. We don't accept partial payments or payment plans.



  1. Make a copy of the Information Doc provided (go to File > Make a copy) for the commission you want and fill in the specified details. Please view the filled out reference provided. Please do not request edits on the sample Docs below.

  2. Answer the Application form accordingly and link the Information Doc on the space provided in the form.

    • The Application form link (via Google Forms) will only be provided during Opening Period (hosted on twitter). ​

    • We only accept Google Drive links so neatly compile everything in a folder for us to access.

  3. The applications are going to go through a screening process. We will announce once it's done and the selected clients will receive an e-mail regarding the commission.

  4. When the quotation is final, we will send an invoice to your paypal. Once it is completed, then the commission will be official and we will start working on it.

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