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  • Half body : $250

  • Full body : $400


  • Simple: $100 to $200

  • Complex : $400 to $600

GunMetalRose BG
Shinjuroukai BG
AtteraNox BG


What to expect?

Folder 5 copy 9.png
Folder 5 copy 11.png


  1. Kan will sketch out the character and background (if any). You will receive the WIP and will be edited accordingly.

  2. Upon approval, the lineart will be done by Hen and will then be base colored by Kan.

  3. Kan will proceed to lay out the base color for the background scene and send it to you. You may ask up to 1 edit for this stage.

  4. After the base color is approved, the scene will be painted and finalized. The characters will be rendered by Hen.

  5. The finished artwork, along with the atmosphere variation if requested, will be sent and you may ask for 1 minor edit request during this stage.

  6. If animation is requested, Nagi will proceed to animate the artwork and send the finished result to you. No edit request is allowed for the animation stage.

  7. You will receive the following in a google drive folder: PSD and PNG of the illustration, and video files if an animation is requested.

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