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Live2d Model

The following are start-up prices for models, the price will be affected by character details and add on's (such as expressions and props). Enquire for final price quotation.



  • Starts at 1700 USD

  • Starts at 2000 USD (if we design for you)

Full Body

  • Starts at 2800 USD 

  • Starts at 3200 USD (if we design for you)

Special Expressions

Simple: $10

  • Simple changes in mouth/eyes/eyebrows + stickers (angry vein, exclamation points, gloom lines)

Complex: $20+

  • Has redrawn or new elements (arms, etc.)

  • Would also take into consideration the amount of details in the design

Detailed: $50+

  • New complicated elements (pets, backgrounds, etc.)

Note: Includes Model Showcase layout and cutting.

Rigging & animations not included.


  • Alternate outfit: $300 (waist-up) to $500 (full body)

  • Additional limbs: $100 to $200

    • e.g. wings, tentacles, complex tails, extra arms​, etc.

  • Specialized cutting: $200

    • ​Patella Models are cut to the standards of experienced riggers and further requests are entertained if it’s an overlooked detail on our part. However, for extremely specific rigs that need additional parts there will be an extra charge.

    • e.g. wing parts for fly cycle animation, extreme head angles for side view, animating elaborate patterns or objects, etc.

Model Archive



We will only rig & animate models made by us with the additional fees below. Our choice of face-cap program is VTube Studio. Enquire for final price quotation.




  • Starts at $1000


  • Starts at $1800

Note: See table for detailed breakdown. This service is not always available. Availability will be announced prior or during opening periods.

Rig showcase

What to expect?




  1. In the sketching phase, Kan will send you a colored sketch and you may let them know details you want to add/remove regarding the design. If changes are major, you are encouraged to link specific images of what you have in mind. Kan will send you an edited sketch for approval. You can go through this process twice, and after which will be charged the editing fee.

  2. After approval of the design, Kan will sketch the rest of the additional art (if any) and will be sent for approval.

  3. Hen will ink the sketches and Kan will add colors and other small details. We will send another WIP for final check. Small edits are allowed in this stage, and will be the final chance for any editing.

  4. After approval, Hen will then shade and post-process.

  5. Kan will make a layout for the Model Showcase.

  6. Kan will cut the model ready for rigging.

  7. You will receive the following in a google drive folder: PNG of Full body character design with all of the additional art, the Design Sheet, any special/custom graphics used in the layout.


  1. Because we only rig models that are made by us, we will have a copy of your VTuber and will slate the finished PSD for further cutting according to our needs.

  2. We will inform you when we will be starting on our rigging, and Ham or Hise will give a WIP for each part of the animation in the following order:

    1. Body

    2. Head

    3. Physics

    4. Expressions

    5. Animations

  3. The riggers will let you know if any delays will occur if the animation and requests will take longer than anticipated.

  4. Previews will be in a gif format and you are allowed to ask for edits. The requested edits will also be previewed on the next WIP.

  5. You will receive the following in a zip file: VTS-ready file (expressions mapped on numpad & configured parameters).

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