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Drawing do's and don'ts

original designs

feminine, masculine, and androgynous characters

young to mature-looking characters

kemonomimis and human-faced anthros

canon characters from copyrighted media

     (only allowed for Emotes)

old people, ferals, and muzzled anthros
excessive violence & gore
NSFW (especially the sexualization of minors)
​✘ offensive themes pertaining to sex, race, and religion

  1. We reserve the right to decline any commission orders without any explanation.

  2. We may decline an order if the project and/or character are something we cannot deliver well.

  3. We strongly do not accept commissions with hardcore R-18 content and offensive themes. Read do's and don'ts.

  4. You will only receive full resolution digital file/s of the commission. No physical item will be shipped to your home address.

  5. Only participate in any transaction with us if you are over the age of 18, and are able to pay of your own ability (have your own PayPal account, credit card, etc.). We will not issue invoices to a different person other than the client unless discussed and agreed upon.


  1. The commission will only be official and started after the upfront payment has been made.

  2. We, as the artist/s, reserve the right to refund and cancel the commission at any time.

  3. Do not issue chargebacks. You may request a refund and cancel the commission only if we take more than 5 months without progress.

  4. In the event of a full refund or chargeback, you will forfeit your ownership and rights to the commissioned artwork/s at any stage of progress.

  5. Partial refunds will be considered if the commission has been started, and you are allowed to keep the commission files sent.

  6. If the invoice was sent and hasn't been paid for over a week, we will cancel the commission unless there's mutual agreement regarding the delay.

  7. Any additional charges (rush fees, further edits, added assets, etc.) will be upheld and respected by all parties involved.

Payments, Refunds, and Cancellations

  1. Changing references is allowed if we haven't started on your commission. Please ask first if we started or not!

  2. We will provide screenshots of WIPs throughout the process. You are limited to 3 edit sessions during sketching stage, and 1 chance for minor adjustments in the finishing stages (including hues, painting in missing details, etc.).

  3. Any further edits will have added fees to the overall cost.

  4. No major changes are allowed in the finishing stage that will affect the overall composition of the piece.

Requests and Revisions

  1. [For Emotes only] If the client requests characters of IPs not belonging to them (e.g. fanart of existing characters), they are solely responsible for the use of commissioned work. The artist holds no responsibility for DMCA claims due to the use of copyrighted characters.

  2. Do not claim full credit to the artwork's creation even if you have ownership of the artwork.

  3. We retain rights to artist credits and publishing the art in our personal portfolio & social media.

  4. Publishing and privatization of commissions can be considered and discussed, especially for marketing purposes of commercial work.

  5. Reposting your commissioned artwork is allowed as long as proper crediting is given (such as linking any of the artist's relevant social media account/s).

  6. Works made by Patella Coop (and any of its members) are NOT authorized for use in any blockchain-related technology including NFTs and any form of cryptocurrency. We also do NOT authorize our work for use in artificial learning (AI) programs, such as those used to create computer-generated works.

Uses and Credits

Please read and re-read everything above.
We are not liable for any false information given to us.​

  1. If we find that our terms are violated, the one who committed the violation will be blacklisted, and won’t be transacted with in the future.

  2. In the event of a chargeback or any form of extortion; we may publish the offender's relevant social media, PayPal email, and business-related exchanges (such as emails and invoices) as proof of breaking our Terms of Service. Personal information (such as addresses) will be redacted.

  3. Current and potential clients may enquire for our services, but not harass us for commission slots and additional work beyond what was agreed upon.

By availing our services you, as the client, have read and agreed to all the conditions stated on our Terms of Service.


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