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Stream Graphics

Stream Overlays

Stream Bundle: $400

  • Streaming Proper

  • Just Chatting

  • Starting + Ending

  • BRB

  • Offline Screen

  • Notification Boxes 


  • If there's any, please provide art for the Offline, BRB, Starting and Ending.

  • You may let us use your model for these screens as well.

Coded Chatbox : Starts at $50

Dynamic vs Boxed Overlay

Boxed overlay is static and doesn't cover any part of the stream. Dynamic is more illustrative, may cover some parts of the stream but also can be moved around according to preference.

Overlay Illustrations

Overlay Illustrations: Starts at $200

  • If art cannot be provided for screens such as BRB, Starting + Ending, and Offline, Kan will create illustrations that will suit the overlay. Accordingly, the price will increase depending on the amount and style of illustration.

  • The illustrations can range from chibis to fullbodies, depending on the theme.

  • Please note that these illustrations are meant to go along with the overlay. Hence, the image working with the whole layout is the priority. You will be given the separate illustration file along with the overlay.

  • Due to the nature of this commission, there will be more back and forth with the WIP.

Illustration samples

Custom Ending Illustration 1
Custom Ending Illustration 2
Custom Ending Illustration 3


  • Twitch panels: $45 (Design of the panel only)

  • VTuber Debut Slides: $100

    • additional $20 each slide for text variations

    • text content must be provided by client

  • Art must be provided for the following, otherwise new art will follow the pricing of overlay illustrations.

    • Schedule: $150

    • Debut Announcement Layout: $150


Your personal symbol and branding.


Design: $120

  • Additional variations(for light and dark bg): $30

  • Vector file: $50


What to expect?



  1. Kan will make a draft of the Streaming and Just Chatting screen. At this point, major edits can be requested. Once a desired art direction is met, the other screens will also be drafted.

  2. WIPS of the other screens will be sent and minor changes may be requested, as long as it doesn't change the art direction decided upon.

  3. The files will be sent in a zip folder, separated efficiently by element

  4. If a coded chatbox is requested, our coder will take some time before processing and finishing.



  1. Multiple logo silhouettes will be drafted and be sent as WIP.

  2. Once the client has picked which silhouette they prefer, Kan will start developing it with colors and variations.

  3. The desired variation will be cleaned up, and if desired will be turned into a vector.

You will receive the following in a google drive folder: Preview images of the screens, PSD of the overlay, PNG of elements in the overlay.